Your Child's Speech Shall Be Perfecting More Now

At this age when your kid completes 5+ years of his life it is important for parents to make him advance a step higher in his capabilities.
As your child has started his schooling, you should work on his communication skills so that he perfects his speech and expressing powers. Now the kid can make sentences and work on complicated words. You have to frame some activities that can help the child enhance his communication level. Reading is counted as the perfect way that can improve the kid’s vocabulary, and it would also help him improve his speech.

What you can do
You can start off with reading out stories to the little one and encourage him to ask questions. Narrative discourse is also another practice which proves helpful. Now let the kid read story books which have new words and sentences so that the child grows curious to know their meaning.Your Child's Speech Shall Be Perfecting More Now

Be there to guide them at every step. You can plan out a specific time during the day when you can sit with the little one and spend some quality reading time.




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