Your Child's Strength, Balance & Flexibility is Getting Better- Know What to Do Further

At this stage, your kiddo's strenth is on an uprise. His balance as well as flexibility is getting better and this is the right time when you should indulge him in an activity that further boosts his spirits and strength.

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that has a lot of relevance even today. In fact it is being revived again in many other countries as well. Yoga is not only beneficial to you but for your child as well. Over the years when you child grows older and starts going to formal school, a lot of stress related to performance will become a part of life and yoga will help in reducing the stress levels, while at the same time improving their concentration powers and mental strength.

Your Child's Strength, Balance & Flexibility is Getting Better- Know What to Do Further

What you need to know 

For your 4+ year old child, introduction to the concept of yoga can help a lot in physical growth. Yoga postures will make your child use all the muscles of the body in different ways and this builds muscle strength. Through yoga your child will start becoming aware of the different muscle groups and how to use them separately. Twisting the body in different ways during asana will add to flexibility, which will go a long way in making the body more supple and strong.

Holding a yoga position for some time will help in building balance and coordination. In addition to that yoga will also help improve your child’s posture. With regular practice of yoga, you will see a marked difference in your child’s strength, flexibility, focus, concentration and even self-confidence. Yoga is definitely a must do for your child’s overall growth.




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