Your Child's Thinking Abilities Are Getting Polished

Your child has now entered school and is learning a variety of subjects. His brain is open to a lot of actions and lessons which would help him in his development.

What you need to know
You as a mother need to be his guide at home so that he can judge between what is good or bad for him. His thinking ability has to be polished so that the child can take correct decisions by analysing the situation on his own. You have to offer different situations to the kid so that he can think critically to present his way to solve it.

What you can do
For example, you can ask the child that if some stranger offers him with a candy then would he accept it or not? Let the child take his time to think and if he says ‘’yes’’ then make him understand about the negative aspects of such a decision. On the other hand, if the kid says ‘’no’’ then question him about what made him choose this answer.Your Child's Thinking Abilities Are Getting Polished

Sit with the kid for discussions on various topics. Let the child think logically before he comes up with a result. Ask the child to not work on assumptions but search for information and examples to justify his decision.




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