Your Child's Thought Process is Now Buzzing

Your Child's Thought Process is Now Buzzing
Verbal language

With new insights, your child at this stage is going through multiple transitions, one of which is his intensifying thought process. Right from birth, children are aware of their surroundings and want to explore them. As your child plays and interacts with the people and objects around, they learn about their body, home, and the world around.

What you need to know

At times, you may wonder at your child’s weird thinking, and want to know why your child thought in this way. For example, your child may listen to the story which you tell them, thinking of it as actual fact. So if you change any fact on a second re-telling, they will immediately pounce on it and correct you. 

They will learn from observing your daily routine too. They may try to emulate your actions with their toys and think that this is how life works in reality. Children also learn from observing how you solve problems. Try to involve yourself with your child’s thinking and guide your child, by explaining the actual facts of life. Your child’s innocent thinking will sometime make us feel surprised. Let them figure out some stuff on their own. For the rest, guide them and explain as much as you can.