Your Child's Verbal Expressions Are Growing- But What's the Downside?

Your Child's Verbal Expressions Are Growing- But What's the Downside?

At this stage, your child might be more inclined towards verbal expression regardless of the parenting style you adapt to, and, for the 3-year-old, this can mean screaming. They may express majority of their feelings and emotions through screaming, which can in return irk you and those around. However, you, siblings and playmates also play a role in teaching the child how to behave.

What you need to know
A child’s peers can be more influential in teaching behavior than their parents. You should become aware of who their children are modeling their defiant behavior after. Sometimes, parents themselves are unknowingly modeling verbal aggression for the child. Whereas the authoritarian parenting style focuses on dominating the child and breaking their will, you are the authoritative who focuses on setting healthful boundaries for the child while teaching them self-regulation.

You often are described as one who expects the child to submit because you "said so." You tend to reduce the opportunity for your child to act out by teaching rather than enforcing. Children ages 3 also are dealing with a developing will or initiative. It describes the child’s struggle in mastering their own will and submitting to the will of others. Often, you must exercise their will over that of the child’s to teach the child how to control themselves. However, you and teachers make a point to "break the will" of the child. This can result in verbal and physical acting out, such as screaming.

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