Your Child's Vital Logic Is Getting Better

Your Child's Vital Logic Is Getting Better
Shape recognition

Now your child has grown into a sensible toddler who can manage several tasks on his own. He has even started school and is learning new lessons about life and its elements. You as a mother have to be his guide at home so that his brain remains sharp which would help him in understanding different concepts easily.

Various Tasks to Enhance Logical Skills
It is vital that the logical abilities of a kid be enhanced at this age. You can practice a variety of activities which can help the child to use logic to perfect tasks. By the time the kid reaches the age of 4 he is able to recognize most of the colors and shapes.

Paper Game
You can ask the child to recognize three similar colors out of a number of paper pieces. You obviously have to use colored paper for this task. This is a fun activity which would be loved by the kid. You can make the task more challenging by asking him to prepare 3-4 sets of similar colour pieces. You can set a time limit within which the child needs to find the colour sets. This is a very good way to test the kid’s observing power along with patience to perform the activity under a time crunch.