Your Child's Vocabulary Intake is Stronger Now- Take A Look

Your Child's Vocabulary Intake is Stronger Now- Take A Look

At this stage, your child's system is buzzing with new capacities, one of which is his ability now to store more words in his brain and thus build his vocabulary. This is a wonderful age to read to your child and bedtime stories should become a part of the daily ritual in your family. Your little one is eager to build their vocabulary and is keen to sit down for the story session.

What you need to know
These bedtime reading sessions will do more than build your child’s language skills. In fact it will transport your child to a whole new world of imagination. A world that children love so much that they want to be there all the time and to this effect are keen to learn reading at the earliest. The book reading time is also an important time for bonding for you and your child. The bedtime stories can instil a lifelong passion for reading in your child and also improve the chances of academic success for your child.

The kind of books your little one will enjoy
Although your child will enjoy simple, picture books the most, you can gradually start including storybooks now. Some of your own favourite books from childhood can start adorning your child’s bookcase. Through these books a certain part of your child’s brain gets stimulated and they will instinctively look for continued stimulation. This means that kids who engage in interactive reading are more prone to pick up a book and try to read than other kids who are not given a regular dose or story sessions.




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