Your Child's Voice Quality Needs To Get Better Now

Your Child's Voice Quality Needs To Get Better Now
Letter Recognition

Your child has learnt to speak long sentences and can even recite poems which he learns at school. You have to encourage him to polish his communication skills to the fullest and their voice quality also needs to get better now, since this will stay with them in the long run.

What you need to know
The age 5-6 is the time when kids are ready to learn new things or improvise on existing habits. You as a mother need to correct his ways if he is not doing something properly. If the child has hoarse or strained speech then it is important for you to correct this disorder.

What you can do
Make the child go soft on words starting with ‘t’, ‘d’ etc. Teach the little one to not strain his throat while speaking as it creates a hoarse effect. Work on his vocabulary on a regular basis so that he can speak difficult words without any hassle. There are a variety of speech therapy exercises which can be practiced at home in order to help the child speak clearly. Some kids develop this type of speech because they copy it from people. Guide the child not to imitate anyone while talking.