Your Child's Writing Skills Are Now More Developed & Engaging

At this age your child has learnt the flow of letter formation. She knows the starting and ending point of each letter and is able to follow that to form correct letters. Her pencil grip has also becomes more mature and she would be using the three finger grip. As her visual memory is also better developed so she knows each letter and how they are formed. She will be able to write with better dexterity.Your Child's Writing Skills Are Now More Developed & Engaging

What you need to know

Writing is an important skill that your child is learning at this age. It is important that you keep a keen eye when your child is writing so that you can correct hand movement at the right time. It is better if she learns the right strokes of letters in the beginning rather than correcting and relearning later. Generally, children who have more observant and keen parents have better writing skills.




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