Your Cutie Pie Is Able To Answer Simple Questions Related To Birthdays & Age

Your little one has grown up to a stage where he is listening to you and responding to you by talking and not by actions or crying. This is time for his imagination to run wild. At this stage, your child should be able to say his age, his name, answer simple questions like when is his birthday, will have clarity in his speech, his vocabulary will be up to 500 words, he will be in a position to tell you stories.Your Cutie Pie Is Able To Answer Simple Questions Related To Birthdays & Age

What you need to know

Apart from these be prepared for your toddler to ask you a lot of questions. Though you may find it a little annoying at times as your little prince might keep asking ''why,'' it is a normal developmental milestone for your little one. Apart from these things he will also be able to familiarize with the names of colors, identifying identical objects and pictures, remember the parts of the stories and so on.

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