Your Cutiepie Can Now Mash His Own Food & Eat It

Your baby can now eat food that is more like your meals. Now, he may eat three meals a day with snacks, and can also tolerate lumpier textures. Now is the perfect time to introduce a wider range of finger foods into your baby’s diet. Now he can also mash his own food and can eat it too.

What you need to know

Apart from finger foods, rest of his foods will be mashed and you can progress to giving him, cut-up chunks of food. Your baby will probably have a few teeth now, and his jaw and tongue have developed enough to allow him to chew, and swallow food efficiently.

Your Cutiepie Can Now Mash His Own Food & Eat It

The more lumps, bumps and different textures he is given, the less likely he is to become a fussy eater. As he grows older, he feels to have food on his own and also feels embarrassed if you feed him. You may have a tough time to move your little one onto table foods. The best way to present most of these foods is in small cube shapes, this will make it easier for him to pick up and control the size of the bites he is eating. Your little one can often choke as he is just learning to eat, it is normal, but you can minimize the risk by giving him smaller pieces until he is ready to manage more. 

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