Your Cutiepie Is Likely To Count In Sequence Up To 5 Objects

Counting is an essential knowledge which would be grasped by your little one as he reaches this age mark. You need to act as a teacher in order to make your toddler get ready for pre-school. Take the help of objects in order to make your cutiepie learn sequence counting up to five. This form of learning needs practice on a regular basis. 

What you need to know

You need to follow a basic approach in order to help your toddler understand a proper sequence. Select five different objects in a row and stick paper chits with numbers 1-5 written on them. Speak out the object number and pick it up. Ask your toddler to repeat the same. This is an effective practice that would be enjoyed by your child.

Your Cutiepie Is Likely To Count In Sequence Up To 5 Objects

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