Your Cutiepie Is Likely To Use Possessive Nouns In Speech

Your Cutiepie Is Likely To Use Possessive Nouns In Speech
Verbal language

At this growing stage of 3-4 years, your kiddo is learning new, expressive language. His language is developing and he is now speaking in long sentences with plurals, possessive nouns and many grammatical structures, correctly. He can now narrate stories and also can relate ideas to someone.

What we need to know:

Your child is in his growing a phase so talk to him. He now knows which things belong to whom and can express using possessive nouns. Always talk on topics which are meaningful. This will not only enhance his knowledge and increase his vocabulary but will also give him a base to his thinking process. Speak in full sentences and use simple words for him to understand and reuse it.  Do not interrupt but encourage him to speak. Correct him wherever required.  Read story books and let him narrate stories to friends and family. Correct, your child’s sentences grammatically, if needed. Avoid embarrassment and discomfort in public. He has a sharp memory and can relate things and events to the real people.

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