Your Cutiepie Is Now A Toddler!

Your Cutiepie Is Now A Toddler!

At this point, when everything becomes “mine” and your house looks like a perennially messy toy store, chances are that, your child has reached toddlerhood. 

What you need to know:

Clearly there are some pretty obvious ways to tell your child is a toddler, like the fact that she has turned one, the definition of a toddler is a child aged 1 to 3. There are also obvious developmental steps like from crawling to walking, saying more words and needing more stimulating toys and activities to help sharpen her fine and gross motor skills.

Your child is generally happy to share toys and play well with others, but once she is a toddler, the ‘what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine’ phase hits. Suddenly everything is mine, whether it is or not. Similarly everything someone else has is suddenly more attractive; toys, books and food are the usual suspects. She need not say the word mine to express this either, she gets her point across quite well with hair pulling, smacking and pushing. 

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