Your Cutiepie Is Now Able To Climb Up And Slide Down A Low Height Playground Slide

Gross motor development involves the functioning of larger, stronger muscle groups of the body. At this stage, with the help of this development your baby will be able to do a number of physical activities on his own.

What You Need to Know

At this point, as a preschooler your child will achieve certain developmental milestones. Between the age of 3-4 years your cutiepie should walk up and down the stairs, slide independently on the low height playground slide, balance on one foot for 5-10 seconds, ride a tricycle, jump a shorter distance with feet together.

Your Cutiepie Is Now Able To Climb Up And Slide Down A Low Height Playground Slide

You will observe major change in him as compared to when he was a 2 year old. With these developments you will find your child is more confident and does all his activities without losing his balance.

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