Your Cutiepie Is Now Learning Shape And Size Concepts While Playing

At this stage, your child is begeining to learn about shapes and concepts. Incorporate play and fun when you teach your little one concepts on shapes. 

What you need to know

Shape sorter, puzzles, pictures, blocks are tools to work with to help him recognize shapes. Let him see and touch various shapes. You can then choose one shape say, circle and ask him to find a matching shape from the rest of the lot. When he picks the matching shape, praise him and reinforce, “This is a circle”.  Ask him to find all round shapes in his room and put in the basket. At meal time, seeing a slice of cucumber, ask him, “What shape is this”?  Make the learning process very enjoyable and you will see him exploring shapes in toys, household items, books etc. Your child has just started using logical reasoning to solve problems. With reinforcement and encouragement, he will learn new concepts confidently.

Your Cutiepie Is Now Learning Shape And Size Concepts While Playing




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