Your Cutie's Ability To Participate In Activities & Focus Is Getting Better Now

Your child’s cognitive abilities are developing amazingly which enables him to participate and enjoy challenging activities be it in the classroom or in after school activities. This leads to his all round development. Increased memory and attention span, ability towards complex thinking, curiosity, growing language skills and willingness to try new things, will facilitate participation in a number of activities. You will also see him working on one activity at a time. Above all, motivation from his teachers and you will help him do wonders. Your Cutie's Ability To Participate In Activities & Focus Is Getting Better Now

What you need to know

Age appropriate activities play a crucial role to get your child interested. If the activity is too challenging, he may lose interest and not try again.

As you explain an activity, be specific in giving instructions. Don’t rush into finishing the activity. Besides learning, let your child have fun. Encourage your child. Don’t judge his performance. The motive is to learn various skills through different activities and enjoy the process.

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