Your Cutipie Will Now Use Gender Specific Vocabulary When Referring To Self

At this stage your kid's developments are very interesting to watch. She will start to interact with everyone she meets and becomes friendly with her peer groups. She is now a grown up and can correlate things, incidents and understands difference in gender. She knows her name and her gender.Your Cutipie Will Now Use Gender Specific Vocabulary When Referring To Self


What you need to know


Your baby is talking a lot, so spend quality time with her. Talk about different topics and different people so that she acquires information and facts about things. Listen to your child and show that you are happy and pleased to talk to her. Give her to sketch and color figures of girls, boys, etc. to learn more differences between them. Take her to parks and neighboring places to play with children. Help her recollect how she spent her day. Correct her gender related answers wherever required.

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