Your Darling Can Now Use Future Tense To Refer To Upcoming Events

Your child now understands the correct form of verbs to be used for future events. He may say, ‘I will play,’ ‘ I will sing,’ etc. He understands different terms for time like today, tomorrow, yesterday, now and later. You will hear him using future tense in addition to past tense. He will know the difference between things that he has done, is doing and will do.

What you need to know

Your Darling Can Now Use Future Tense To Refer To Upcoming Events

As your little one talks to you, encourage him to talk about his feelings, thoughts. Try to carry on the conversation and make it more interactive. Include topics that have happened, are happening or will happen. More the exposure he gets about events happening at different times, he will understand better and use them in his talk. For instance, ‘We are going for a movie today’ or ‘I will buy you a new toy tomorrow’ or ‘I will take you to the birthday party.’

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