Your Darling Identifies Sequence Of Images And Numbers

This is the age when your child can identify and extend numbers and patterns to a certain extent and doesn’t lose focus to take it further. He recognizes every number and doesn’t even need a paper to keep a track of the same as his mind is now well developed.

What you need to know:

Your kid now can do computation and other mathematical activities with ease at this age so you must challenge his limits by engaging him into different tasks and arranging newer exciting jobs for him like bringing jigsaw puzzles which helps in brainstorming your child. Blocks which are numbered is yet another activity for your child to arrange. Your child is able to count till 1000 at the moment and can now shuffle and select the right number to complete the building blocks activity in few minutes not only in numbers even verbally he may pin point the atrocity in a sentence as now he is good enough in making sentences and understands tenses with basic English. Practice is the key to excel as once your kid understands the concept of places, ordinals and decimals he will develop better problem solving skills. This sequence helps him in memorizing mobile numbers and address of his favorite people.

Your Darling Identifies Sequence Of Images And Numbers




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