Your Darling Is Able To Recognize New Words & Tries To Find Out Its Meaning

At this age, your child's language abilities are becoming much more advance. He might be able to understand and use more sophisticated language forms. Now he is using more correct grammar and more variety of words in his vocabulary.

What you need to know:

Your growing darling desires to be a part of adult conversations and tries to behave more like an adult. Day by day his vocabulary is increasing rapidly and providing him foundation, your child might understands comparative and superlative adjectives, such as “big”, “bigger”, and “biggest”, time concepts such as yesterday, today, tomorrow, last week, next week etc. There is a wide range of “normal” and even if your child is slightly delayed in a few of these areas, it doesn’t necessarily mean he has a speech delay. Try to use rhyming words, read out stories to him, play a game to say five new words, give him five objects and ask him to narrate a story these will help him to increase his vocabulary. 

Your Darling Is Able To Recognize New Words & Tries To Find Out Its Meaning




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