Your Darling Is Able To Solve Simple Riddles

At this age, your angel will love to explore and solve riddles at her level. You can also join her in solving riddles. You both can enjoy and have loads fun together!

What you need to know: 

At this stage her brain continues to develop, and will have a growing need for independence in her thinking process. You must know that she needs plenty of playtime for healthy and strong brain development. Ensure that she plays outside with her friends, at least 5 days a week for an hour or so. Riddle time should be incorporated in her daily schedule after her school work and can be made as fun time. Solving riddles will increase her attention span, enhance her logical and reasoning skills. She can apply this concept for problem solving situations at later age. Awarding a star for every right answer will encourage her to move on to the next level of solving riddles and will boost her self-confidence. 

Your Darling Is Able To Solve Simple Riddles




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