Your Darling Is Likely To Use A Skipping Rope Smoothly

Your Darling Is Likely To Use A Skipping Rope Smoothly
Muscle Coordination

Your child is engaged in long periods of play. He is now very skillful when it comes to walking, jumping, climbing, skipping, galloping, etc. He is also better able to catch, throw and do other hand movements. His finger dexterity is also better and he is able to grasp things strongly. He has an improved co-ordination between his hands and legs. As a result activities like skipping with a rope, that require a lot of hand, leg and eye coordination is something that he can now do smoothly.

What you need to know

Your child will forever be testing his limits and will be amazed at all the things he is now able to achieve due to his advanced stage of co-ordination and muscle strength. He may be putting himself at risk when trying out new activities. Make sure that you are around and vigilant while at the same time do not scare him away from trying new things.

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