Your Darling Is Now Able To Recognise A Familiar Book By Its Cover

The greatest joy to every parent is to see their children happily engrossed during a story telling session. Every expression they make, every smile they give at this time is priceless and to be treasured for the rest of your life. Story telling sessions with your child is not just to build bonds but also for memory development. Like all other children your child will also have a favorite book that he wants to be read again and again. Although he still cannot read the title but just by looking at the cover he can make out that this is the book he wants to be read.Your Darling Is Now Able To Recognise A Familiar Book By Its Cover

What you need to know

Repeated exposure to the same book and pictures has helped create an association memory. This pictorial memory helps him relate to his past experiences and he knows what the story in the book is and how he felt during the story telling session.




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