Your Darling May Act Fussy When Asked To Share Things With Her Friends Or Siblings

Your little one is still struggling with sharing her toys. Although there is a lot improvement and now she does share most of the times but still feels very fussy about it. She worries if her toy will get broken, and is not willing to let it out of her sight and is keen to get it back immediately. Sharing for her means giving up something that is very close to her and that is bound to make her anxious till the time she learns to trust the person with whom she is sharing.Your Darling May Act Fussy When Asked To Share Things With Her Friends Or Siblings

What you need to know

It is important not to force your child to share her things. Do it gradually and make it like a game of taking turns. Forcing your child will make her more stubborn and build resentment in her. Your child is yet to experience the joy of sharing so unless that silver lining appears in her cloud, she would continue to struggle with sharing for some more years.

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