Your Darling May Start Playing With Other Kids

At this stage, your ever more independent child is probably starting to develop some friendships. But don't be surprised, when you ask who his friends are, he may recite his entire preschool class list. 

What you need to know:

Your child doesn't fully understand the meaning of friendship yet. He may have favorites, but to your child a "friend" is pretty much anybody he spends time with. He can play cooperatively with others, but usually not for long. A successful play date might last less than an hour. He may continue to play alone but near other children or cooperate briefly and then move on to his own activity. Although your child probably seems much less self-centered than he did a year ago, he is still struggling with sharing. Your kid may be able to resolve conflicts by himself, but can also run to a grownup for help. 

Your Darling May Start Playing With Other Kids

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