Your Darling Now Uses Comparative Words

Your Darling Now Uses Comparative Words

Your little champ at this age is getting smarter by the day. He is learning new words and is making better sentences. At this stage of his learning cycle, you may notice that he has picked up on the usage of comparative and superlative words.

What you need to know:
You need to help him improve his grammar skills in a faster and more effective way. To do so, use words like good, better and best while talking about his performance in a match or in a test in comparison to a previous one. You can talk about various things like the weather being hotter than yesterday or cooler than last week. You should also give him story books to read. Encourage him to make friends so that he gets to interact with other kids his age which will not only be fun but he will also ensure faster learning in a competitive environment. In this way, you will make these words common in his lexicon. He will also develop a very clear understanding of what it means and where to use it. Your efforts will soon lead to a rich vocabulary for your kid.

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