Your Darling Will Start Coordinating Both Hands To Play

Your Darling Will Start Coordinating Both Hands To Play
Fine Motor
Gross Motor

Your little 2 year old has so much more control on his two hands now. Building blocks, putting on shoes, zipping up and turning pages that seemed like such an uphill task earlier are easily managed with both hands working together now. Even tasks like unscrewing a lid, holding a cup and sipping without spilling, unwrapping a candy that requires coordination of hands, wrists and palms are also getting refined with practice.

What you need to know

Bilateral coordination or learning to use both sides of the body comes in stages. While a one year old will use both hands in the same manner to may be bang an object, a 2 year old will be able to use one hand while keeping the other one still. They now know how to use both hands together while each one does a different action, like holding a book with one hand while turning the page with another. 

Being able to coordinate both sides of the body well means that both sides of the brain are functioning properly. This is an important achievement and milestone for your child as your child can now accomplish many complicated tasks that require proper hand and leg coordination.

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