Your Darling's Able To Write A Creative Piece On A Suggested Topic

You would notice that your child’s writing skills are much improved. He can now form correct short sentences and also group sentences with the same idea. His thought looks more organized on paper now as his mind is able to work sequentially. His grammar is better; punctuations are in place and he would also be using some adjectives in his sentences. With better fine motor skills and muscle control, his handwriting is also better. Your Darling's Able To Write A Creative Piece On A Suggested Topic

What you need to know

Help your child unlock his creative mind. There are a lot of ideas locked up in his head and sometimes he is not able to put them on paper. A little brainstorming session before he starts writing per piece will help him frame his thoughts better. It is important that you give your child the confidence to share his ideas and opinions without any fear of criticism as this will enhance his creativity.

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