Your First Grader Cognitive Circuits Are Getting Programmed

While disciplining your child, you enforce many rules. At six years, he is curious to understand the principles behind these rules and regulations.

What you need to know
The brain is undergoing logical, rational mental processing. At school, he will perform well with a sensitive teacher who at the same time insists on quality work. His learning will highly depend on his teacher’s expectations of his abilities. To build his rapidly growing vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, talk and read with him as often as possible. Try including him in adult conversations. This is also the right time to introduce a second or even third language.

What you can do
When he does his work well, parents and teachers should give loving, encouraging feedback. If the work needs improvement, teach them how to do it better rather than criticizing. Be sympathetic to his concerns like if he had a bad dream. If he is feeling sad about something, he may not realize the reason of his being sad. As a parent you need to handle these situations patiently. While performing a task like reading, playing, doing homework, a 6 year old’s attention span ranges from six to 20 minutes. In order to increase his concentration skills, encourage activities like meditation, board games and limit TV watching, video games as these affect his focus.

Another way to build your child’s brain is to schedule at least 30 minutes a day for him to run and play outside. Games like soccer, swimming, martial arts are outstanding brain-boosters. For promoting brain growth, feed your child with a balanced food containing vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and dairy and limit the intake of sugary foods like candy, fruit juice, cookies and salty junk food.Your First Grader Cognitive Circuits Are Getting Programmed

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