Your First Grader May Be Obsessed With Winning

Your First Grader May Be Obsessed With Winning
Verbal language

Your bundle of joy likes to win because doing well often helps her to feel important in her group.
On the contrary, if she loses, she may get angry, sulk, refuse to play or mess up the game for others.

What you need to know
It’s very important to make her understand that losing is also part of learning. Tell her it’s an opportunity to improve herself and do better next time. As a parent, show your child how to be a good sport. Help her to hone her skills by extra practice. Talk to her about the things that she has improved upon in the past through hard work and appreciate her efforts.

What you need to do 
It may happen that in order to please parents, she may lose patience and break rules in the hurry to win. Words like right, wrong or fair are still vague to her. The ideal way to deal with this will be to expose her to play games with others where she learns about rules, fair play, right and wrong. She will also learn how to handle her emotions and get along with others.