Your First Grader-Moving To Music

Your First Grader-Moving To Music
Vocalizing needs

At this stage, your first grader enjoys listening to music, developing her singing voice and rhythmic skills. This is an amazing aspect of her cognitive development.

What you need to know 
She enjoys reciting nursery rhymes and folk songs. She learns to blend her voice with others if it’s a group recital as well as develops her own voice by singing alone. She sings many songs from memory and with improved accuracy. She also has a high sense of rhythm, beat and feel of music. She skips, hops, marches, claps and steps to the beat. She also starts to learn and use the vocabulary of music like melody, beats, and echo. She likes musical instruments such as drums and xylophones. Through games and activities a lot of emphasis is placed on developing your child’s voice.

What you can do
You can help your child by putting on a favourite CD and singing along with her. Put on children’s songs in the car and around the house. Many first grade songs are also learned with the assistance of storybooks. By moving to music, listening and practicing she develops an interest in music.

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