Your First Grader Now Needs A Reading Books-Selection Criteria

Your bundle of joy is exploring the world of books. As a parent you want to ensure she reads age appropriate books which will not make her feel bored and are fun and help her develop a reading habit.

What you need to know 
While looking for books, find books that have interesting words, rhyming words like sing, ring etc. as at this age she loves rhythm and rhyme. Find stories where there is a surprise ending which she will look forward to, stories where she can relate to, like a character in the story is starting school or is celebrating her birthday.Your First Grader Now Needs A Reading Books-Selection Criteria

Fairy stories and folk tales can be also part of the selection process. Picture books keep your child engaged in reading. Books with good illustrations that match the words on the page are very useful in building her vocabulary. While making the selection, select books that are fun to read, age appropriate, encourage independent reading, develop skills in phonics and overall language.




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