Your First Grader-Understanding Her Characteristics At Work And Play

Your First Grader-Understanding Her Characteristics At Work And Play
Self Regulation

Your 6 year old expects from her parents and teachers, help to enjoy special moments, events and surprises that she is craving in her life at this time.

What you need to know
She comes to school brimming with full of energy to learn new things with her friends and teachers. She may even start to have a best friend at school or in the neighbourhood. She jumps to start a new project, is ambitious, works fast and will not miss anything. For instance, at this age she experiences a high interest in art and expression, loving to colour and paint. Provide various art materials for her to explore her creativity. Appreciate her good work and she will be filled with happiness.

Break up big tasks
However, it may happen that she may take on a big task and when not finished, can feel very disappointed. The ideal way to handle this situation will be to break the task into small, doable chunks. For example, if she has to read a book on Dinosaurs that has 10 pages and return the book in 5 days to her teacher, let her read 2 pages a day. Make it fun by either reading in the park or having a reading corner at home. By giving shorter, more manageable assignments, it will help her having more realistic expectations for her work.

While getting the homework done, she will have a need to seek approval from you on how to perform. Give her directions and ensure she understands. When she does it on her own, praise the efforts. If she makes mistakes, she will avoid trying new things but give her the assurance that making mistakes is okay. It’s part of the learning process.

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