Your Kid Can Now Count Up To 10 Objects From A Given Pile Of Objects

Your little genius can not only recognize numbers but also count up to 10 now. Counting is a conceptual development for your child and not a skill development like number recognition. Give your child a box of candies and ask him to count and take out 10 of them, and see how your child has mastered this concept. With so many things around him all the time, you would soon notice that he's practicing his number counting all the time. Your Kid Can Now Count Up To 10 Objects From A Given Pile Of Objects

What you need to know

Every play that your child does is a scope for learning for him. Create an atmosphere and follow their interests and your child will be learning so many new things every day without you making any effort. Use nursery rhymes that have numbers to learn the sequence and count cars as you wait at the red light. Make learning as much fun and play as possible.

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