Your Kid Can Now Count Up To 200 & Count Backwards From 20

Your Kid Can Now Count Up To 200 & Count Backwards From 20
Learning Skills
Arithmetic Skills

Your child can now count up to 200. He can also do backward counting from 20. When presented with a group of items, he will be able to count a collection of 20 items.

He understands the concepts of odd and even numbers and by the end of the year, gets a good understanding about which number is more or less than the other, or equal to. He is able to apply these concepts from numbers 1 to 100. 

What you need to know

Playing board games involving numbers, like ‘Snakes and Ladders’ is a great fun way to build your kiddo’s numeracy skills.

You can reinforce backward counting in fun and inexpensive ways. For instance, get your child to decide on how many honey loops cereal he will have. If it's 10, let him count 10 cereals and place them on the plate. As he eats each one, let him do backward counting till all the cereals are over, or get him to count forward as he climbs the steps and count backward as he gets down.(for as long as he can keep it up).

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