Your Kid Can Now Do Simple Problems

At this stage, your child learns basic concepts of math and problem solving. This is a pivotal time in maths for your kid, as he is ready to take on some tricky and important key concepts.  Your child’s brain develops rapidly and now he can easily solve simple problem sums and he has the answer at the tip of his fingers. 

What you need to know:

At this point, your kiddo is able to do addition, subtraction, story sums(in both), multiplication, division even some parts of Geometry. Every new thing he learns in school or at home, it is very essential to make him practice on a daily. By doing this, he will soon be doing it verbally-like multiplication or say divisibility. So everything depends on how much your child is practicing and at the same time you have to constantly encourage him to keep on doing the same thing until and unless he is very sure about it. This is the time when it starts going wrong in maths, and sadly more often than not, this goes unnoticed-making your child’s future progress more difficult. So it is very important to make him understand the concept well, if his concept is clear about any new thing he learns, then it be easier for him in the future. 

Your Kid Can Now Do Simple Problems

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