Your Kid Can Now Identify Body Parts Quite Well

Your Kid Can Now Identify Body Parts Quite Well

Awesomeness! Your kiddo is now transforming into a little genius, all ready to identify things! You have adored that button nose since the day your child was born and now that he is all growing, he is ready to discover what the fuss is all about. In short, he can now identify body parts.

What you need to know

The body-parts game “Where’s your nose? There it is!” is a blast even for babies, but at around 20 to 24 months, your child will really start learning body parts and get a kick out of being able to point to that tiny nose when you ask. Facial features are great to include when you play the body-parts game because your child will be able to point out these parts first. Why? They are always putting their hands on your face, and you probably already name body parts as your child touches them. This repetition helps your child understand where their own mouth is, even if they can’t yet say “mouth.”

What you need to do

Be sure to explain what each body part does too as they are feeling your face: “Eyes help us see” or “Ears help us hear.” By the time he's two, your child will likely be able to point to about ten different body parts. As you repeat the names of each one they find, their body awareness will skyrocket along with their vocabulary. Soon they will be able to say, “Knees!” instead of just identifying body parts by pointing.