Your Kid Can Now Learn To Differentiate Between Shapes And Colours

Your child has crossed that age where they had to hold your hand and walk. They have now grown independent in doing quite a few things themselves. Now is a good time to refine their cognitive skills.

What you need to know

Building cognitive skills is very important so that your kid can use their brain accurately for their daily dealings. You can start off with making your child familiar with various shapes and colours. Start the training by introducing the kid to objects that have a different shape as well as possess a different colour.Your Kid Can Now Learn To Differentiate Between Shapes And Colours

Let your kid observe them by taking their own time. The next step is to make them touch it and understand the difference in shape. You have to verbally make them understand why this object is not similar to the other one. If the objects possess a specific geometric shape then make the kid learn their exact names as well. This task is not easy and would test the pre-schooler in all forms. But one has to be patient when practicing this with the child.




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