Your Kid Can Now Name Some Different Means Of Transport He Uses

Every trip to the market now is a revision class for your child. He would be pointing out the different modes of transport like the cars, buses, bicycles, autos, etc. and naming them too. His associative memory is much better now so even if he has seen an airplane in pictures only, the first time he will see one in real life, he will be able to identify it. A trip to the airport or railway station is going to be very exciting, educating and fun for your child.Your Kid Can Now Name Some Different Means Of Transport He Uses

What you need to know

The learning environment that you create is what will determine how much of what your child learns. The school will be teaching all the concepts but regular reinforcement at home is equally important. Make sure that you work in tandem with the school curriculum to make it easier for your child to understand all the new concepts.

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