Your Kid Can Now Understand More Words Than He Can Say

Your child now understands many words than she can pronounce. While focusing on your child’s language skills as she speaks is important, listening and understanding is also a crucial process of vocabulary formation.

What you need to know:

As she is growing, she has learnt to notice voice modulation, inflections and simple words apart from facial expression and hand gestures. She has been continuously accumulating words in her vocabulary, some of which she will be putting to use later. Now, while she has learnt to use a lot of words while talking, her ability to grasp words is more than her ability to convey them. 

Your Kid Can Now Understand More Words Than He Can Say

It is useful hence to talk to your child a lot as she is learning even when you cannot see her talking. You can help her express better by translating her uttering to more meaningful sentences. In this way, you can nurture your child’s ability to understand and process language so that she can become successful in communicating her feelings to you as well as others.

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