Your Kid Can Now Use Pencil Comfortably & Write Faster Than Before

Your child’s pencil grasp is well established by now. Its very important to hold the pencil correctly for better handwriting and speed. When he writes, the thumb should be doing most of the work. 

If your child has a poor pencil grasp, changing it after this age will be a challenge and he can get better at it only if he is ready and motivated to change. Hence, forming correct pencil habits in children becomes even more important.

Your Kid Can Now Use Pencil Comfortably & Write Faster Than Before

What you need to know

Practice daily writing drills. Don’t keep them long wherein your child can lose interest. Copying a paragraph from a book, writing few lines in his journal, writing a list of sight words, preparing the grocery list are wonderful ways to not only practice writing but also working on handwriting speed.

While writing, right posture, pencil grip and positioning of paper matter a lot. Get him to sit erect and write by setting the paper at a slight angle in front of him. Avoid distractions and noise so that he can focus well.

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