Your Kid Can Sew Few Stitches

At this stage, your wonder child might sew few stitches with a little assistance. Let her hands manipulate the needle and thread and gain an understanding of the thread going up and down and securing itself to the fabric. 

What you need to know:

Start with hand sewing, it is a better way to introduce the basic concept of sewing. Your kiddo has less patience, so be patient and polite with her. It will be a fun activity for you and it will strengthen your bond with her. It will improve your child’s eye and hand movements and will help her in concentrating. First demonstrate to her a basic sew then ask her to do it. To make it more interesting give her a variety of colorful threads. Safety is important as, if she hurts herself once she might lose the interest so choose a big eye needle with a dull point for your kid. Let your child explore this sewing adventure and use her creativity,  you will be amazed with the end result.

Your Kid Can Sew Few Stitches


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