Your Kid Can Start Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Your Kid Can Start Developing Healthy Eating Habits
Eating Habit

Your kid at this age can differentiate between various edible products and might also develop a fondness for certain food items. He can now eat his food on his own without your help or assistance. This is the apt time to teach him correct eating habits.

What you need to know 

Most kids these days are growing obese or unhealthy due to improper feeding habits. Parents' negligence can also make the kids eat anything. Since kids do not understand the health benefits (or the lack thereof) from various food items, you need to be strict when it comes to the diet of your child. A common feeding disorder most kids face is drinking water along with food. This must be corrected at the earliest.

Ask your kid to drink water before or after his meal is finished. Do not serve water on the dining table when the food is served. The child learns from his parents, so make sure you also follow the same. There might be times when the child might throw tantrums but do not fall for them. You can offer curd added with a little water as a substitute.