Your Kid Can Start Practicing Academic Learning At Home

Your Kid Can Start Practicing Academic Learning At Home

Your child has grown into an independent kid who can now perform most activities on his own. But when it comes to his academic learning there is always a need for you to help him out.

What you can do

Educating the kid at home is your responsibility. You need to find out different ways so the child can develop a better understanding of the basic elements which are taught to him at school. One good way to do this is to practice missing numbers with the child.

You can write a sequence of numbers and leave a single digit in between. Ask the child to guess that number. Once the kid has perfected this then you can proceed with greater numbers of the numeric system. You can also try this same method with alphabets. The next level should be to ask the kid to figure out the missing word out of basic sentences. For example- My name is ____. If the child speaks out his name then count it as a positive sign. Practice it on a regular basis to sharpen the kid’s brain.




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