Your Kid Can Understand Words Related To Position -'Under, Over, Behind'

Your Kid Can Understand Words Related To Position -'Under, Over, Behind'
Verbal language

At this stage, your kid might have well developed language skills. He might now pronounce words clearly, can speak in complex and compound sentences, use correct grammar for almost every part of the sentence. He might have developed good vocabulary now. Your sweetie pie is over 5 years old and now he might start understanding position related words as under, over and behind.

What you need to know:

At this point, you will notice that your kiddo might begin to extend his oral language skills to reading and writing now. He might now know uppercase and lower case letters properly and also understands sounds of different letters. He might also understand different positions related words as under. 

This knowledge will help him sound out words, print and read them well. He might also start narrating his own tales now as he knows how to use these words. This is a general predictable sequence but if your kiddo has not followed such development steps then don’t worry he will. He might be taking a little more time. He might not proceed through these predictable development steps in the same way or time as other kids do. So don't panic if you don't see him understand these words.

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