Your Kid Has Much Better Control Over His Emotions

By this time your kid is nearing 6 years, he might have better control on his emotions. He is now more aware of his and other's emotions. May be your child is become more sensitive and tries not to hurt someone else's feelings. He enjoys sharing toys and snacks with friends, although conflicts may remain quite frequent.

What you need to know:

At this age your child is more self-centric, he loves to show off his talents, physical abilities and art work, he looks for appreciation and wants to talk about himself. Here, your role becomes crucial to explain to him the thin line between confidence and boasting. Point out to your child whenever he is becoming bossy or dominating over others. Your cutiepie may often see things as only black and white and will express strong opinions about things. He may go unhappy if things are not his way. You can help by gently steering him towards nuanced thinking, by suggesting that he should see things from other's point of view too.

Your Kid Has Much Better Control Over His Emotions

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