Your Kid Is Able To Act Out Simple Situations

Your Kid Is Able To Act Out Simple Situations

Your child, at this age has developed the ability to act out simple situations. He is now able to imitate any event with lesser effort. He will now participate in school plays or dramas to show off his talent which will also help him to develop his confidence and build his communication skills.

What you need to know:

At this stage, your child begins to develop the ability to take new roles and responsibilities. He is able to make use of specific gestures, actions and sounds to imitate people or animals, he can recognize emotions and can identify characters. Now he can also elaborate and narrate the story in a much better way. His brain is capable of so many things, he has developed a maturity to make you understand what he observes around, For example, if you ask him how does his mommy react when she is angry, your child will be able to act out as a 'Mommy' in a realistic manner. He will now ask you many open-ended questions to fulfill his curiosity, encourage him to storytelling you about an event,  be patient and listen when he speaks and answer his questions and explain to him things around him with patience. 

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