Your Kid Is Able To Compare & Contrast Basic Differences & Similarities Between Two Characters Of A Story

At this stage, your little one is having drastic changes in his thinking. He might have the ability to manipulate symbolic elements. He might now able to manipulate information that he collected mentally and also begins to interfere with the other person’s point of view. Your sweetie pie is over 6 years old and he might start to compare and contrast the basic differences and similarities between the characters of a story while watching a movie or reading a book.Your Kid Is Able To Compare & Contrast Basic Differences & Similarities Between Two Characters Of A Story

What you need to know:

At this point, you will notice that your child is developing logical reasoning and is learning to organize thoughts cohesively. He might also develop his ability to know of what he needs to do better. He might recall a story you told him or a movie he watched and might start comparing the characters. He might develop the ability to distinguish between reality from fantasy and might start describing similarities or differences between the two. He may start applying creative thinking to solve a problem. It is a great way to understand that he is developing his cognitive and motor skills and is heading towards better physical development. 

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