Your Kid Is Growing Self-Dependent-Let Him Do Some More!

Your Kid Is Growing Self-Dependent-Let Him Do Some More!

Your child has now grown into a sensible toddler who can manage a lot of his work such as eating, walking, etc without your assistance. He can also manage his toys and books without your help. Adaptive skills are very important for any kid so that he can grow self-dependent.

What you can do

You need to guide your kid to make him learn a variety of tasks. Most children are negligent towards making their own bed. This is a bad habit and needs to be corrected in kids at this age. You can start this teaching by giving a demonstration. Ask the child to focus on you when you are offering a demonstration.

Show him how to fold a blanket step-by-step. It might take some time for the little one to perfect it but be patient. The next step should be to manage the bed sheet without any folds. Ask the kid to fix the pillow perfectly so that the bed looks tidy. Applaud your child when he has done the task well.




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